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A Unique Travel Guide to the Maldives
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Paradise in the Indian Ocean
Exclusive Care at The Airport.

Your dedicated and expert partner in Maldives!

Welcome to Maldives, the prestigious island getaway and exclusive destination where the rich and famous play undisturbed, yet the discerning traveller finds the island getaway of their dreams – no
matter what their budget. 

For over 20 years, we at REAL PARADISE Maldives continue to deliver the highest standards of service to tourists on a daily basis. Our clients are well accustomed to the best people in the business – industry accredited, highly creative and truly dedicated.
We work with industry professionals from around the world helping them sell Maldives to their markets, and ensuring their client satisfaction trip after trip!
Our philosophy is to turn your dream Maldives holiday into a reality! And with our knowledgeable staff and inside connections to the local market, you are sure to live the Maldives Experience!

Meet & Greet

REAL PARADISE Maldives delivers world-class Meet and Greet Services to a global clientele. We believe that every client we work with deserves the very best VIP treatment, so our dedicated teams work tirelessly to deliver a concierge experience that’s in a class of its own.

We have developed a network of partnerships with global professionals right the way around the world. The breadth of our connections allows us to offer concierge
services worldwide; we can assist travelers at Velaana International Airport, and across multiple domestic airports across the Maldives. The diversity of our concierge services means that we can meet virtually any need. Our experts can offer a simple meet and greet at the airport, a private lounge
experience, a Speed Boat / Seaplane transfer or chauffeur service, or a
comprehensive global concierge experience.

Our services are perfectly suited to a diverse variety of clients. We regularly work
Corporate clients, such as businessmen/businesswomen, entrepreneurs, executives, and corporate delegations. Private individuals and small groups – including VVIPs and family groups. Travelers requiring dedicated support – including elderly travelers, unaccompanied minors, the disabled, and travelers facing a language barrier.

Our corporate ethos is built around a sincere desire to place our clients’ needs foremost in every way. Courtesy, professionalism, discretion, and confidentiality are the bywords that define our concierge services, and we are dedicated to adhering to these principles, whoever we work with, wherever we work and whatever service we provide.

When you choose REAL PARADISE Maldives, you are truly choosing a concierge experience like no other.

Our Offers

Special Package for 7 Nights!

From $1,600

Special Package for 7 Nights!

From $4,175

Special Package for 2 Person!

From $2.000

Special Package for 2 Person!

From $2.000

Special Package for 4 Nights!

From $1,783

Special Package for 7 Nights

From $2,000